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AMAFEST 22: IL luogo in buio – Comedians during the plague

24. Sep. 2022/18:00



/ Neapel / l LUOGO IN BUIO / COMEDIANS DURING THE PLAGUE – an old recurrent story

24. SEP.

Sa, 18:00

IL luogo in buio is an independent Italian Theatre group that mostly hosts the works of its founder, Cristian Izzo. It’s involved in the research of new forms of acting on the stage, in the literary, music and cinema production. Through the study of the Deep and ancient Theatre Culture in Europe (starting from the Greek Poems and Tragedy) It tries to evolve the enourmous amount of tradition in an unique, contemporary view of making Theatre. In the last Seven years, the group started International collaborations with: Janaceck Academy of Music and Performing arts of Brno, Czech Republic; SAMK – University of Applied Science and Art, Kankanpaa, Finland; Institute of the Arts Barcelona; Teatrul Skepsis, Alba Iulia, Romania; University of Lille, France.

COMEDIANS DURING THE PLAGUE – an old recurrent story
a Commedia dell’arte performance

The performance shows us an episode of Commedia dell’arte, in which, during the spreading around Europe of the Black death Plague, masked comedians travelled around trying keeping their work alive. In this case, Pulcinella and his assistent Picchio Pellecchia, arrive in France after running from the Pestilence exploding in Northern Italy and try to find hospitality in the court of Louis XIV, les roi Soleil. After failing several time in their attempt, they re-took their way through Europe: cause also Comedians need to spread their work around the world; cause art Is the best pandemic event in human history and It has to keep on living, anyway.“

Language: Italian, English / Duration: 60 min

Author: Cristian Izzo / Director: Cristian Izzo / Cast: Cristian Izzo, Giuseppe Borrelli

Karten: 9,- EUR

nur an der Abendkasse:
Tageskarte 12,- EUR
Abo (alle AMAFEST-Vorstellungen): 25,- EUR