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24. Sep. 2022/14:00



/ Lodz (partner city of Stuttgart) / TEATR YETA / NOC TYSIĄCZNA DRUGA

24. SEP.

Sa, 15:00


Yeta Theater was established in 2011. The motto of its activity is a sentence from Bogusław Schaeffer’s screeplay „Scenario for three actors“: „Mindless art is the end of art!“
The name of the band comes from the Argentine lunfardo slang, used by „tangueros“ – people professionally involved in tango dancing. The word „yeta“ means … an activity that brings bad luck.
The first team emerged from the workshops conducted for the adepts of the off-line Theater Group „Dziewięćsił“ (operating in Łódź since 1987) by the reciter, actor and director, associated with this group since 1991, and drama instructor since 2006 – Adam Wrzesiński.

Noc tysiączna druga / A Night of the Thousand and Two
„The rainbow has just flashed out, one end of which rests on the ruins of the Capuletti’s house, the other one flows down onto the Montecchi’s house. Connection in the abyss of times … “
Norwid’s poetry never found its way to the thatched roofs. Similarly, his theater (as he himself wrote: “theater without theater”).
Who has not dreamed of a romantic, beautiful and pure love? Who of us has not at least once quoted in a diary or an album, a fragment of an immortal, Shakespearean work?
„Night of the Thousand and Two “ – a comedy piece that refers in its structure and characterization to the style of „commedia dell ‚arte““ – the author places the action of the play in „a depot house near Verona“ and arranges a meeting of his two heroes in a scene not so much „Balcony“ but „Window“.. Norwid tries to stimulate the viewer to reflect on the many possibilities of solving and further course of his work.
Premiere: February 11, 2022

Language: Polish / Duration: 45 min

Author: Cyprian Kamil Norwid / Director: Adam Wrzesiński / Music: Adam Zajdel / Cast: Karolina Ozga, Zuzanna Kotasinska, Jakub Katos, Dominik Zakrzewski

Karten: 9,- EUR

nur an der Abendkasse:
Tageskarte 12,- EUR
Abo (alle AMAFEST-Vorstellungen): 25,- EUR