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AMAFEST 23: Art of the Two Banks – The Immigrants

17. Jun. 2023/15:00



/ Tunisia – Jemna / ART OF THE TWO BANKS – The Immigrants

17. JUNI

Sa, 15:00

The “Art of the Two Banks” company was established in the Jemna region of the state of Gebli since 2008, and it is considered one of the first cultural companies in southern Tunisia and the only one in the state of Gebli that specialized in spreading theatrical and cultural movement, relying on professional and amateur theatrical energies in its activities. Since its inception, this company has contributed to the development of the cultural movement and the formation of cultural cadres in the region in particular and in southern Tunisia in general. The number of technical workshops and field training internships that we have carried out has reached more than 40, with theatrical and show performances for children and adults through its epic theatrical and show productions, which are 12 works. They are works that convey the manifestations of civilization, daily life, and the desert intangible heritage in southern Tunisia.

The „Art of the Two Banks Company“ presented about 120 performances throughout the south, in addition to our directing of four plays in amateur associations in Douz, Gableh and Tataouine. In addition to participating in the largest cultural events such as the International Festival of Dates in Jebli and the International Festival of the Desert in Douz, whether in the opening or closing during most of their sessions from 2013 to 2018.

The „Art of the Two Banks“ company established the Faraj Arts Festival since 2009, and it also contributed to the establishment of the Oasis Festival in Jemna since 2019, with its workshops and theatrical rehearsal for children and youth in all regions of the province of Jebli, and last year it won the award for the best private production structure in Tunisia at the Festival Theatrical Carthage Days. Finally, the „Art of the Two Banks“ institution had very important international participation through which we exported the culture of the Tunisian desert south, perhaps the most important of which is participation in the Sharjah Desert Theater Festival, as well as the Contemporary African Cultures Festival in Rome, and other Arab and European countries, with the honor of obtaining the national shield. of culture during the year 2019.

The play „The Two Immigrants“ talks about a Christmas night that is repeated every year, when Christians celebrate in particular. The writer conveys to us what succeeded in a tense dialogue fraught with hostility, emptiness, and sympathy at the same time between two unknown immigrant characters from an unknown country. They are two different personalities in terms of work, different, but they meet in lost. However, the length of the palace is long, the length of the length of the length, the length of the length, the length of the length, the length of the length of the joint joint together.

Celebrating the start of a new year. Sometimes the people of the country celebrate with joy and pleasure, as music plays and singing voices rise in a room on an upper floor, while two immigrants celebrate the same evening with an uninterrupted quarrel for many hours without realizing the misery and intellectual poverty that takes place in it when people hear people live the joy of the New Year.

The writer conveys to us, through dialogues, the person’s behavior and their malicious behavior. The relationship between them is the relationship between them. And his truth is, he really hides it under his bed and locks it lest the other burglary.

Language: Arabic / Duration: 90 min

Author: Slavomir Mrozek / Director: Hafedh Khalifa / Cast: Salah Mossadegh, Jalal Al-Din Al-Saadi

Karten: 5,- EUR