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AMAFEST23: Paolo Avatàneo: WORKSHOP Body percussion

16. Jun. 2023/10:00 - 12:00


Workshop: Body percussion

/Italy / Turin / Paolo Avatàneo

2. OKT.

So, 12:00

Graduated at the Philip Radice’s Physical Theater Atelier, from 2009 I propose shows including mime, cabaret, buffoon, clown and eccentric theatre. I played bass guitar in various rock bands too (5 albums total), and I played also at the italian national tv and some films in little parts like actor.

My main target is to direct to experiment with new methods of acting trying to make them comical and it is directed to develope more accessible to everyone with more possible different drama languages , focusing on to realize it in a international way. For these reasons my productions reflect universal values and a timeless international approach. I try to do the best to create productions unusual and modern by means of conceptions and execution, (about the children shows and street shows too), we well know that the surprise is fundamental everytime, also in my musical productions (you can check that in the body percussion show and the puppet bass guitar show) .

Festivals in : Armenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary, Finland, Moldova, Polska, Austria, Serbia, Turkey, France, Scotland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Romania, Slovenia, Russia, Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Tunisy, Morocco, South Korea, Iran, Lebanon, Algerie.

Body percussion workshop

The workshop is open to children and/or adults, and it is especially suited for musicians, dancers, actors, performance artists.

The body is the first instrument to produce sounds that all we have. As the voice, the rhythm can be released through the percussion of his own body. The Body Percussion shows us the beat, the rhythm, the metric of words, numbers, motor coordination and knowledge of the body. For example, to produce the sounds we can:
clapping, stamp the feet, snap your fingers, rubbing his hands with each other or on the thighs,
clapping on the chest, clicked his tongue on the palate.
Discovery and exploration of body sounds.
Analysis and understanding of the different body parts of the stamps sounds.
functional rhythmic stubborn body percussion
Patterns of rhythmic body percussion to play different types of music.
Body percussion in motion to create choreography. Construction of simple music performance and movement.

Ort: vij, Moserstraße 10, 70182 Stuttgart

Frei für AMAFEST-Teilnehmer, ansonsten 5 ,- EUR Unkostenbeitrag, um Reservierung wird gebeten:

Director: Ilan Shani / Set Design: Nava Shtar / Lighting: Ziv Voloshin / Music: Amit Weiner / Location: A mental institution, somewhere. / Characters and cast: Nurse Ratched – Chief nurse: Daniella Aspis, Nurse Flinn – A second nurse: Sharon Halperin, Randle P. McMurphy – A new patient: Vadim Shiff, Chief Bromden – A patient: Shmuel Katz, Dale Harding – A patient: David (Dudi) Ben-Porat, Martini – A patient: Asher Bernstein, Cheswick – A patient: Amiram Rogev, Billy Bibbit – A patient: Avi Saidian, Ruckley – A patient: Shlomi Mizrahi, Scanlon – A patient: Eli Alon, Candy Starr – A prostitute: Natali Bitern, Sandra – A friend of Candy: Yonat David, Aide Warren: Amnon Beglikter, Aide Williams: Meir Senior