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AMAFEST 23: Skepsis GROUP – Who is the master?

16. Jun. 2023/20:00


Romania – SKEPSIS


17. JUNI

Sa, 20:00

Skepsis Group was founded in 2002 at Alba Julia University in Transylvania, Romania.  Back in 2006 we founded an NGO in order to develop and expand the social, cultural and  artistic life of the society. The group has developed by participating in intensive trainings  every year – studying the Stanislavski system, Brook’s perspective on acting, ancient  theatre and Commedia dell’Arte.

Skepsis organization functions now as an independent art theatre with 14 adult actors   and has its own youth academy with programs for children, high school and college  students. The group currently has a high number of performances in various genres, from  commedia dell arte, to classical, modern theatre and theatre of absurd. Original  performances are created every year. Since 2014 Skepsis group organizes APOLLO –  International Youth Theater Festival every year with the support of the Municipality and  other cultural institutions and sponsors.

Who is the Master is an original Commedia dell Arte performance full of comic, interactive aspects and musical mime parts, which focuses on well known characters  caught in the web of a typical Commedia dell Arte intrigue: Pantalone, the miser and mean merchant is obsessed with making money and hiding his treasure. He treats his servant, Arlecchino, very bad, exploiting him and not paying him for his service. More than that, Pantalone intention is to fire Arlechino. But Arlechino receives help from Colombina, another servant of the house unhappy of the way her master is treating her. She knows that after Arlechino, she will be next to be fired and kicked out in the streets.

So, the servants have to put up a plan in order to pay back Pantalone for all the wrongs they suffered, hitting him where he hurts most: on his gold. Surprises and unexpected events are about to take place rapidly, as the servants play a farce on their master, playing tricks on their master’s mind and transforming his  house into a madhouse. Will they succeed in their plot or not? … we will know before the  END.

Language: Romanian and English / Duration: 45 min

Author: Viorel Cioflica / Director: Viorel Cioflica / Cast: Diana Birsan, Liudmila Cioflica

Karten: 5,- EUR