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AMAFEST 23: THAG Theater – Dinner for One with Mack the Knife

17. Jun. 2023/21:00




14. JUNI

Do, 20:00

THAG Theater

Es begann vor 50 Jahren als Schultheater. Die Spiellust der jungen Horde trieb sie dann über die Grenzen ihrer Heimat hinaus in die weite Welt zu den internationalen Theaterfestivals. Einige blieben bei der Gruppe, andere machten Berufskarriere. Heute sind noch ein paar Schauspieler übriggeblieben, die erwartungsvoll in die Zukunft gehen.

It started 50 years ago as a school theater. The young horde’s love of play then drove them beyond the borders of their homeland into the wide world to the international theater festivals. Some stayed with the group, others pursued professional careers. Today there are still a few actors left who look forward to the future with great anticipation.

Dinner for one with Mack the Knife

A well-known New Year’s Eve comedy-sketch becomes in our new version a birthday party for Bertolt Brecht and friends, to whom he owes many of his successes. They are, if you want to put it that way, his four musketeers Francois Villon, Kurt Weill, John Gay and Elisabeth Hauptmann.

Of course, the butler tries to please his guests by playing the roles of the dear departed drinking buddies at the dinner party. The following mishaps deliver unpredictable comedy and catchy tunes like „Und der Haifisch, Denn wie man sich bettet, Die Zuhälter-Ballade“ bring old memories to life.

Anja Beckmann and Gustav Adolf Frank play and sing

Direction and dramaturgy: Gustav Adolf Frank

Duration: 20 min

Karten: 5,- EUR