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AMAFEST 24: Sipario – Zombie Wedding

30. Mai./19:00



/ Djemna / SIPARIO Company / Zombie Wedding

30. MAI

Do, 19:00

A mother searches for her son Salem amidst the rubble and rubble of a children’s hospital after he was brutally targeted and bombed by the enemy. Salem is a newborn infant who was just given birth by his mother and died immediately during the bombing… This mother, outwardly to the reader of the theatrical script or the recipient of the show, is searching for her son, but internally, and in reality, she is searching for the conscience of humanity that has been lost, searching for a dose of hope, love, and life, searching for a voice. Justice And the truth is to support its people and restore their legitimate rights. We see her in the show struggling, resisting, struggling, calling out to God, addressing angels in symbolic images to liberate this holy land that has become a lake of blood. The central character, Umm Salem, expresses her aches, pains, and dreams amidst the rubble and destruction in the blackness of the city.

Dinner for one with Mack the Knife

A well-known New Year’s Eve comedy-sketch becomes in our new version a birthday party for Bertolt Brecht and friends, to whom he owes many of his successes. They are, if you want to put it that way, his four musketeers Francois Villon, Kurt Weill, John Gay and Elisabeth Hauptmann.

Of course, the butler tries to please his guests by playing the roles of the dear departed drinking buddies at the dinner party. The following mishaps deliver unpredictable comedy and catchy tunes like „Und der Haifisch, Denn wie man sich bettet, Die Zuhälter-Ballade“ bring old memories to life.

Anja Beckmann and Gustav Adolf Frank play and sing

Direction and dramaturgy: Gustav Adolf Frank

Duration: 20 min

Karten: 10,- EUR