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AMAFEST 24: SKEPSIS – The Last Godot

31. Mai./17:00



/ Alba Iulia / SKEPSIS / The Last Godot

31. MAI

Fr, 17:00

Skepsis Group was founded in 2002 at Alba Julia University in Transylvania, Romania.
Back in 2006 we founded an NGO in order to develop and expand the social, cultural and
artistic life of the society. The group has developed over the years by obtainig theater
degrees at Art Universities and by participating in intensive trainings every year –
studying the Stanislavski system, Brook’s perspective on acting, ancient theatre and
Commedia dell’Arte.
Skepsis organization functions now as an independent theatre company, with 11 adult
actors (1 certified trainer; 6 professionals and 4 volunteers) and has its own youth
academy with programs for children, high school and college students. The group
currently has a high number of performances in various genres, from commedia dell arte,
to classical, modern theatre and theatre of absurd. Original performances are created
every year. Since 2014 Skepsis group organizes APOLLO – International Festival for Youth
and Independent Thheater every year with the support of the Municipality and other
cultural institutions and sponsors.

“The last Godot” is based on a text signed by Matei Visniec, a contemporary Romanian author who’s work
is recognized at international level. Beyond a strange meeting that takes place, which rouses curiosity on
itself, the performance speaks about the meaning of theater as an artistic act in a world where the public
lost interest and no longer exist. Will the theatre die if the theatres are closing; if there are no more hall
rooms, no more stages, no more seats, if the actors and directors gave up any hope? Or will this art find a
way to survive?

Karten: 10,- EUR