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AMAFEST 24: Štoos Teatar – Zlo-čist-oća (Naught-E-ness)

30. Mai./22:00



/ Velika Gorica/ Štoos Teatar / Zlo-čist-oća (Naught-E-ness)

30. MAI

Do, 22:00

Company history: Štoos Teatar was founded by a group of actors from Velika Gorica, Croatia. It was registered at the Croatian Ministy of Culture in 2022. as an independent artistic organization. The name was boorowed from Pavao Štoos, a Croatian poet and educator from the time of the National Revival Movement. The word Stoß, stoss or štos is also a German loanword for hit, joke, trick or pun. The theatre produces original works written by its memebers but also explores the Croatian classics and has didactic performances for kids and youngsters (example: Pia Mia as the first logopedic performance in our city, combined works of A.P. Chechov for highschool kids).


Apart from doing theatre, Štoos Teatar also co-organizes the Oglede street theatre and performance festival, we do public readings of dead and living Croatian writers, poetry evenings and recitals and we cooperate closely with audiovisual artists, sculptors, filmmakers, painters; doing public performances and interventions in open space. We also work with local NGOs, public institutions and informal groups. We connect with artistic friends in Croatia, republics of the former Yugoslavia and Europe, building cultural bridges and cooperation. The fouding members are Ana Katulić, actress focused on experimental theatre and contemporary dance, Mirel Huskić, actor, pupeteer and radio/theatre director and Luka Kuzmanović, actor and writer.

Nine scenes and nine characters; a monodrama for one actor and nine voices; confessions of a corporate boss, a high school teacher, a chef, a plumber, a policeman, an ex-president, a priest, an old spy and a video-game addict. Regular people, regular problems. Why are they all naughty? If they’re naughty, are they bad? Potentially evil? What are the operational and strategic capabilities of Evil? Is Evil washable, justifiable, disposable? The play Naught-E-ness is a modest attempt at answering these along with other metaphysical and paranormal questions…Written and acted by Luka Kuzmanović, directed by television and film director Ivan Mokrović (awarded for short horror films and documentaries), original music composed by Tomislav Babić, this piece is entertaining, didactic and original, insofar that it’s written from concrete experience; both personal and historic.

The play is performed in Croatian but also in English. The play is a part of the author’s manuscript of short plays called “Kompaktne drame” or “Compact pieces”. It is performed on a smaller stage, a chamber theatre; the stage itself can also be on ground level. The play is not for outdoor performance. A larger stage can be used, with adjustments. The play does not contain blood, drastic scenes, nudity or questionable visuals, symbols or iconography. It was performed for adult audiences, youngsters but also older elementary school kids.



Karten: 10,- EUR