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AMAFEST 24: Teatr Krzyk – HEJ TY! (HEY YOU!)

30. Mai./21:00



/ Maszewo / Teatr Krzyk / HEJ, TY! (HEY, YOU!)

30. MAI

Do, 21:00


Krzyk Theater – a group of authors founded in 2002 in Maszewo by Marek Kościółek
and Anna Giniewska. He mainly produces performances based on his own
scenarios, which are created as a result of rehearsals and joint searches of the
entire team involved in the creative process. The work of the theater also focuses on
issues related to sociology, theater pedagogy, social diagnosis and philosophy. For
many years the Scream was formed (and these were its goals) as an engaged
theater. The developed team statements often had aspects of disagreement,
rebellion, or the will to change in the broadly understood reality. In the following
years, the group’s original productions focused primarily on relationships and
universal values. Hence their considerable success also among international
audiences. („To Face“, „Hey, You“) For almost two decades Krzyk has been working
in a small local community with the social environment. Using the original method of
work, it leads to participation in all initiatives and social activities. Much space is
devoted to non-formal education, education through art, and the acquisition of social
skills by children and youth. Creating partnerships, organizing festivals, creating
bonds, encouraging greater participation in social and cultural life are just a few
examples of the Association’s activities. Krzyk devoted a lot of energy and time to
creating local leaders, animators, and recently also educators. The members of
Krzyku are graduates of various fields of study, which is not without significance.
This diversity enables a greater spectrum of observation of the surrounding reality.
Therefore, among others Man is at the heart of the ongoing exploration and research
of The Scream. It is worth noting that during almost twenty years of working together
and various moments (including difficult moments), the group has developed its own
method of work, which can be described in one sentence as „an intense ability to be
here and now with another human being“. He shares this method with other people
during many meetings in Poland and abroad. The group has so far conducted
hundreds of meetings, workshops and training sessions in various places in the
country and abroad.

„Hey, You!“ is a play about relationships, intimacy, and the great need for acceptance in life.
The author’s attempt realized with two young actresses and students.
„Hey, You“ is a performance that Krzyk (Scream) has molded over the years of its work. It
has elements of physicality and tenderness, volatility and constant self-reflection. As is often
the case, we are left with questions. What is left for us when the world whirls and rushes
past us, and we enter adulthood? How do we ask ourselves about ourselves in the world?
With its baggage of surroundings, family, relationships and dreams, which appear, after all,
in the course of our common initiations with the world. And yet sometimes only moments,
fractions of events and our shared experiences are remembered and important. And, after
all, it is typically the case that we only have each other. Perhaps that is enough?

Karten: 10,- EUR