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3. Mai. 2021 - 10. Mai. 2021



/ Viljandi Seasaare Teater

10. JAN.

So, 12:00

Viljandi Seasaare Teater

Das Viljandi Seasaare Theater wurde 2009 in Viljandi, Estland, gegründet.
Derzeit hat das Theater 21 Schauspieler, Licht- und Tontechniker.
Anfang 2021 schlossen sich zwei Theater zusammen, wodurch das Viljandi Seasaare Theatre heute eines der größten (nach Anzahl der Schauspieler) Amateurtheater in Estland ist.

Das Theater verwendet verschiedene Regisseure aus dem ganzen Land.
In 10 Jahren haben wir über 300 Vorstellungen gegeben. Durchschnittlich 30 Vorstellungen pro Jahr. Drei bis fünf Produktionen jedes Jahr. Das Repertoire umfasst zu jeder Zeit 5-6 Produktionen.
Gastauftritte – in London, Stockholm, Los Angeles.
Festivals außerhalb Estlands – 2019 AMAFEST Stuttgart, 2019 in Litauen – Baltische Rampe.

Viljandi Seasaare Theater was established in 2009 in Viljandi, Estonia.
At present time the theater has 21 actors, lighting and sound technician.
At the beginning of 2021, two theaters joined, as a result of which Viljandi Seasaare Theater is now one of the largest (by number of actors) amateur theaters in Estonia.

The theater uses various directors from all over the country.
In 10 years, we have given over 300 performances. An average of 30 performances a year. New productions 3-5 every year. The repertoire includes 5-6 productions at any time.
Guest performances – in London, Stockholm, Los Angeles.
Festivals outside of Estonia – 2019 AMAFEST Stuttgart, 2019 in Lithuania – Baltic Ramp.

Synopsis „Frames inside me“

„Frames inside me“ is a play about a mentally disabled mother who lives with her daughter and husband. She is like imprisoned in frames within herself, the prisoner of her own mind and body. It tells the story how husband and daughter have to make a difficult decision if they should put mother in the care home or not.
It gets harder and harder to take care of her because mother needs constant attention or she might fall down from the second floor balcony wherever she creeps whenever possible. . They still hope some day Mother will be back to normal. And father can go to dancing with her to show everyone how beautiful a wife he has.
The father is an alcoholic and the daughter is missing her freedom and joy like every other young person.
One day the decision is made and she should go to care home. When they are waiting the people to pick her up she shows signs of sanity, just for a moment! And the familie decide not let her go to the care home.
But that was just a glimmer of hope and next day all starts again. This is the never ending circle.

Rehearsal for a new play: