NEAT: Marx in SoHo (eng)

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NEAT: Marx in SoHo (eng)

16. Sep. 2021/20:00

Marx in SoHo

/ Gastspiel New English American Theatre

16. SEP.

Do, 20:00

MARX IN SOHO by Howard Zinn

Featuring Derrick Jenkins

MARX IN SOHO by Howard Zinn is an insightful “play on history” in which through divine intervention and cosmic agitation, Karl Marx receives the opportunity to return to earth – for just one hour – to clear his name. BUT due to a bureaucratic error by the “afterlife authorities”, he is dispatched to Soho in New York, rather than his old stomping ground in London. In this fictional account, we encounter a different Marx, who is not only a philosopher and revolutionary but also a loving father and husband. We not only find out about Marx’s private, intellectual and political life but also his thoughts on today’s world!

Karten: 12 EUR / ermäßigt 9 EUR

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