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Lesung: Wolfram P. Kastner „Politische Kunst im öffentlichen Raum – Nicht ich provoziere, sondern die Zustände provozieren mich”

22. Nov. 2023/19:00

Cancel Culture Comedy
Stand up Comedy in English

6. Sep.

Mi, 20:00

This is a ’safe space‘ for comedy!
It’s our job to tell the jokes that will get you fired from your job!

This show is not for the easily offended! Expect a night of English comedy at its best on the most controversial topics of today from Victor Patrascan and his hilarious friends!

It’s comedy at its best from the funniest comedians in Europe who are unapologetically honest and hilarious! You’ll hear tasteful jokes about race, gender, religion, identity politics and all the other controversial topics of today.

6th of September 2023
doors 7:30 PM • showtime 8:00 PM

The show will be held entirely in English.

Diederik Zuurmond 🇬🇧 🇳🇱 • @diedzz

Diederik is a comedian. He is funny and has made at least 2000 people laugh. He recently won the English Comedy Talent Awards. Diederik has been described as „funny“ and „very funny“ and „good-looking yet somehow also funny“.

Victor Patrascan 🇷🇴 • • @VictorPatrascan

Victor Pãtrãşcan is a pretentious stand up comedian and outrageous social commentator who was born in Romania. Since he started performing stand up comedy in 2012, he has told his jokes in front of a crowd of people in the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Turkey, Sweden, Singapore, Denmark, France, Serbia, Switzerland, Thailand, Finland, Belgium, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Gibraltar, South Korea, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Vietnam, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine and Romania.

In 2022, he performed in front of over 16.000 people, in 70 cities from 27 countires on 2 continents. Since April 2021 he’s been touring with his self produced stand up comedy shows in English throughout Europe.

In 2019 and 2020, he traveled through Europe with his show called „The Trouble with Being Born Romanian“ in over 30 cities. During the same years, he topped the charts at No1 in the rankings of “Roast Battle London“. Victor was also a special guest on the Romanian TV show iUmor where he provoked with his brash humour.
Victor is now on tour • for more information •