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30. Nov. 2023/20:00

HIV MONOLOGUES by Patrick Cash

/ Gastspiel New English American Theatre

30. NOV.

Do, 20:00

In these monologues, Playwright Patrick Cash has penned a trio of scenarios that are eloquently interwoven and entwined together, touching on the effects of HIV in the 80s up until the current day. In this often hilarious, always moving and poignant piece of exceptional theatre, the author invites you to explore the emotions of living with a virus that attacks the mind as well as the body.

Alex knows nothing about HIV. Nick is his Tinder date who’s just been diagnosed positive, struggling with self-worth. Their date is going amazingly until Nick discloses his diagnosis… And Alex reacts in the worst way. Through meeting Irene, an Irish nurse who treated AIDS in the 1980s, and Barney, who was saved by the 1996 medication, Alex gets on PrEP, but will he be able to win Nick back?

The HIV MONOLOGUES is a piece that, while full of optimism, doesn’t shy away from the very real prejudices that are still aimed at HIV positive people to this very day. It’s educational and informative, but at the play’s centre are characters that walk off the page and straight into our hearts; Storytelling at its best.

Karten: 12 EUR / ermäßigt 9 EUR

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