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3. Mai. 2021 - 10. Mai. 2021


Rumänien / Romania

/ Alba Iulia / SKEPSIS / Do You Know Him?

10. JAN.

So, 12:00

Skepsis Group was founded in 2002 at the University of Alba Iulia, Transylvania, Romania.

In 2006 we founded an N.G.O with the mission of developing and extending the social, culturally and artistically life of the community. We developed strong social partnerships with various institutions and NGO’s. We are now a main partner of the Municipality in implementing cultural and artistically programmes and projects.

The group developed and evolved by participating in intensive training sessions each year on Stanislawski’s system, the Brook perspective of acting, Ancient theatre and Commedia dell’Arte. Skepsis Group doesn’t aim to prove something, but to discover. Our performances are a challenge for us and for the public, a way to discover something essential about the human spirituality, about the experience of being linked to the others, to the community you live in.

The group has now a wide range of performances on different genres on its repertoire, from commedia dell arte, to classic, modern and absurd theatre. Original performances are created each year.

Every year we represent Alba Iulia and the local university at the main theatre festivals at national level and now we are building up an international reputation.

Since 2014 Skepsis group is considered an independent theatre company and has its own academy of acting for young people. We organize several cultural projects for the community – most notable is APOLLO – International Youth Theatre Festival, with the support of the Municipality and other cultural institutions and sponsors.


Communication is the bridge that links us, as humans. We invent words and develop language in order to better express ourselves and understand each other. But what happens when our deepest fears and feelings overcomes us and we cannot express our individuality.? We discover that we don’t have words, we lose the meanings and the language system is decomposing, not helping us anymore – it stand in our way, torturing us.

Genre: absurd theatre – short play
Author: Eugene Ionesco
Cast: Clabuc; Liudmila Cioflica
Director: – Viorel Cioflica
Music: Ovidiu Bartha

About the group: